The convenience and comfort of hot water is critical to a clean and hygienic household.

Water Heater Plans

When a water heater fails, utility customers often struggle with an unexpected expense, the inconvenience of finding a contractor and living without hot water. HomeServe offers home protection plans for water heaters that address any issues quickly, including equipment replacement, if needed.

HomeServe’s policyholders have saved over $22.8 million in repair costs over the last three years.

Water Heater Home Protection Plans:

  • Water Heater Protection
  • Smart Water Heater Protection


Water Heater Protection

Hot water heater problems are a major inconvenience that can cause a shortage of hot water for showering or washing and result in noise or odor due to sediment build-up. Repairs can be time-consuming and costly.

Our Water Heater Protection covers repair or replacement, due to normal wear and tear, of the home’s broken or failed electric, natural gas, or propane water heater.


Smart Water Heater Protection

Our Smart Water Heater Protection plan covers repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear of the home’s Smart Water Heater.

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