HomeServe Advantage Program Offers Significant Energy Savings for Residential Customers

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Customer Engagement, Customer Service, Education, Energy Efficiency, HomeServe Advantage Program, Products

One of the most promising strategies for achieving utility energy efficiency goals is the increased adoption of high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment. A new subscription makes efficient upgrades an easier decision for residential utility customers and delivers ongoing, long-term energy savings.

HomeServe’s new HomeServe Advantage Program is a heating and cooling subscription offering that enhances affordability and choice by combining the installation and ten-year lease of a high-efficiency HVAC system with annual maintenance and unlimited repairs. An energy savings service is also built into the subscription, enabled by the installation of a Honeywell T10 Smart Thermostat.

The HomeServe Advantage Program’s energy savings service utilizes patented thermodynamic technology to learn details about the building, such as insulation and solar radiation levels, in combination with local weather forecast data to keep the home comfortable while reducing HVAC runtime by 9% on average. The service works continually in the background to optimize the customer’s system; however, the customer always has full control of their thermostat setpoint, delivering personalized comfort and energy savings.

In addition to delivering an annual $90 savings on the customer’s utility bill, the energy savings service provides customers with monthly email reports on how the service is optimizing energy usage to save money and improve comfort. This enhances customer satisfaction and reinforces their decision to upgrade to high-efficiency equipment.

The HomeServe Advantage Program is a unique solution that can help advance utility efficiency goals, seamlessly integrating into existing rebate and audit programs and utilizing utilities’ trade ally networks. Click to learn more about the HomeServe Advantage Program.

“Advantage Program” used with permission by Service Experts LLC