Minimize the negative effects of outages and expedite reconnection.

Electric Resiliency

Your customers’ safety, comfort and convenience are dependent on electric power, however, power outages are inevitable. HomeServe offers home protection plans that help expedite reconnection and even help cover damage from weather related incidents so that your customers can get reconnected quickly.

Exterior Electric Line
Interior Electric Line
Interior Electric Line with EV Protection
Surge Protection

Exterior Electric Line Protection

There has been a 67% increase in major power outages in the last 10 years due to extreme weather events. Rain, wind and thunderstorms are causing more and more outages every year, which can lead to utility customer inconvenience, expenses, safety hazards and dissatisfaction. HomeServe’s Exterior Electric plans protect customers from the negative effects of electrical disruptions.

HomeServe’s Exterior Electric Line covers repair or replacement of broken, failed, or hazardous high-voltage overhead or underground wiring and the weatherhead, insulator, riser, meter base, and service entrance conductor located between the exterior wall of the home and the point of utility responsibility.

In addition to the Exterior Electric Line plan, HomeServe enhancement plans offer customers customized coverage at an optimal price point:

  • Hotel & Food Spoilage: Includes reimbursement for hotel and food spoilage and covers repair or replacement of electrical products that fail due to a surge.
  • Wind & Tree Damage*: Includes repair of electrical wiring and components not functioning due to wind or tree damage.
  • Premium*: Includes reimbursement for hotel and food spoilage, repair or replacement of electrical products that fail due to a surge and covers repair of electrical wiring and components not functioning due to wind or tree damage.


*Not available in: CT, DE, FL, KY, ME, MS, MT, NC, ND, NE, NY, OH, SD, VT, WA, WY

Interior Electric Line Protection

When customers experience an electrical malfunction, they need it repaired quickly. This plan covers the repair or replacement of broken, failed, or hazardous high voltage wiring from and including the breaker panel or fuse box, up to and including switches and outlets, expediting reconnection.

Interior Electric Plus EV Protection

As electric vehicle (EV) adoption advances, utility call centers will face EV owners looking for help when their Level 2 EV Charger is not functioning properly. HomeServe has introduced a first-to-market solution with utility customers in mind to help drive a positive EV experience and reduce potentially negative impacts to utility call centers. The plan covers repair or replacement, due to normal wear and tear, of the EV charger circuit and whole-home interior electric wiring and components and includes a reimbursement for a non- or malfunctioning level-2 electric vehicle charging device.

Surge Protection

Storms and power outages can cause damage to customers’ essential appliances or electronic devices.

Available to homeowners and renters, HomeServe’s Surge Protection covers the repair or replacement of electrical products that fail due to a surge. Coverage includes refrigerators, clothes washers, clothes dryers, dishwashers, blenders, mixers, toasters, microwaves, televisions, window air conditioning units, thermostats, lamps, computers, DVD players, game consoles, printers, scanners, and handheld devices such as tablets.

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