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Reduce Call Center Inbound and Outbound Call Agent Turnover

Call center turnover rates can be two or three times that of other industries, meaning a third to nearly half of your inbound and outbound call agents are in training. This can have an impact not only on your bottom line, but also consumer satisfaction. At HomeServe,...

The Evolution Of Customer Service Metrics

Customer Lifetime Value is the key metric for customer experience-oriented businesses. Average Handle Time, Customer Satisfaction, and Cost to Serve all have their place, but in today’s modern service landscape, LTV—mainly driven...

Call Center Workforce Management Best Practices

If you want to run a successfully operating call center, efficiency is vital. Just ask any call center manager what’s their most important mission when it comes to managing the call center, and chances are they’ll tell you: it’s increasing efficiency.

The 9 Most Important Call Center Technology Trends to Watch

We saw a lot of changes to the call center and customer experience landscape in 2018. Cloud communications and virtual agents were on the forefront of everyone’s minds, and social media was more important than ever. 2019 is shaping up to be the year of strategic...
  • Where in the World is HomeServe?
    We are closing in on the halfway point of 2023 and from coast to coast, our HomeServe team has hit the ground running to meet […]