Call center turnover rates can be two or three times that of other industries, meaning a third to nearly half of your inbound and outbound call agents are in training. This can have an impact not only on your bottom line, but also consumer satisfaction. At HomeServe, our contact center is key to our delivery of an exceptional consumer experience and we are proud of the longevity and outstanding performance of our agents.

You can reduce churn through people-centric policies that encourage engagement in your call center employees and use of technology that gives insights into consumer trends and feedback and outbound and inbound call agent training needs.

One of our most important tools for engaging our outbound and inbound call agents is our corporate social responsibility activities. Many of our agents want to support their local community and involving them in charitable opportunities arranged by the company or giving them a paid day off to engage in efforts of their own is an important tool to increase employee engagement and community visibility. Our people-centric efforts have resulted in more than a quarter of our inbound and outbound call agents having tenures of more than five years.

Voice analytics is a powerful tool for your call center, enabling you to measure silence, tone, volume and search for key words and phrases. It allows you to identify outbound and inbound call agents who need additional support or training to enhance consumer satisfaction. Identifying these agents can improve supervisor productivity and effectiveness by allowing them to focus their efforts on the inbound and outbound call agents who are most in need of one-on-one coaching, while reducing the need for call analysis.

To learn more about how the marriage of people-centric policies and targeted technology can improve performance, reduce churn and ensure optimal staffing levels that resulted in an average speed of answer under 30 seconds, download our white paper, “Empowered People + Advanced Technology = the Formula for Contact Center Excellence.”